Form inliners

Precise, suction-fit like a second skin. Completely smooth and crease-free.

Product characteristics:

Size / Filling volume

  • For hobbocks: 5 to 40 l
  • For plastic drums: 30, 60, 120 and 220 l
  • For steel drums: 50 to 225 l


  • Open on top
  • with form lids


  • LDPE (also antistatic)
  • PP (antistatic by default)

Form-Inliner® easily slide into the container and are slightly stiffer, smoother and thicker than round-bottom bags. They provide the secondary container with a second skin that fits quite tightly on the inside and have a collar that is slipped over the rim of the drum for clean filling. They are produced by heating and deep-drawing a slightly thicker, already made-to measure film of an almost already thin plate.


No creases even with friction.
No twisting when using agitators.
Turns disposable containers into genuine reusable containers.
Food grade according to EU and FDA.

Areas of use:

Form-Inliner® are ideally suited for agitators because the agitator friction cannot stretch the inliner and thus cause creases. This somewhat stiffer insert also offers advantages where a liquid is pumped out and frictional forces arise on the inner wall. For example, when handling paints, varnishes or silicones, especially when emptying viscous materials with drum follower plate pumps. Another use is in the production of cosmetics or paste-like products in the food sector.

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